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Architects and designers' agents, Talents&Co works towards the success of its clients through various actions:

Sourcing projects

We are always looking for new project opportunities for our clients. We rely on our internal systems for monitoring competitions, on our ability to source future call for projects from the various players in the sector and, more generally, on our extensive network, especially for direct orders. This allows us to build the most appropriate teams, including developers, investors and constructors.

Our fee : This service is remunerated as a percentage of the client’s fee, excl. taxes:
Full rate:          7%
Member rate:   5%


Application support

We strive to maximize the chances of success of our clients’ applications. By relying on our extensive network, we help them build the best teams, uniting them with partner architects, design offices and all types of experts. We ensure that the composition of the full team meets the selection criteria, which we will have carefully analyzed beforehand.  We also offer the administrative and editorial support of the application.

Fees: This service is remunerated for time spent at a daily rate excl. taxes of:
Full rate :          700 €
Member rate : 600 €

Contract negotiation

According to the the request of our clients, we intervene in negotiations to assess their fees and analyze or draft the terms of their contracts. Our field of intervention concerns in particular the operational aspects of the contract: mission, fees, terms of payment, suspension, termination, deadlines, insurance, etc. When we identify particularly technical legal aspects, we call on our partner lawyers, this process being included in our services.

Fees: This service is remunerated at €1,500 excl. taxes for the initial markup, then as a percentage of the fees excl. taxes of the negotiated contract:
Full price: 2.5%
Member rate: 2%

Talents & Co. also offers its clients consulting services, including on strategy, development, management (workforce, administration, accounting) and communication.
Fees:  on quotation
Visibility, Communications & PR
Talents & Co. provides its members with permanent communications & PR consultancy towards increasing their presence in media and the market. In order to do that, we can work with our team in developing strategic messaging (for the website and beyond), refining branding, as well as writing press releases for the firm’s multiple milestones. We have a deep understanding fo the design and real estate media world in the US and can work with you in placing news items, op-ed articles, corporate profiles, and in general, pitch media with stories that show your expertise and unique insight into the industry.
Price: this service is for members only and is included in their membership.
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By taking out a subscription to Talents & Co. for a minimum period of one year at the monthly rate of €1,500 excl. taxes, members benefit from numerous advantages:

• Priority access to all Talents&Co services.
• Reduced rates on all services offered by Talents&Co.
• Visibility on all supports and media used by Talents&Co.
• Priority promotion to contractors in project set-ups.
• Priority selection for castings organized by Talents&Co.
• Participation in the diverse actions led by Talents&Co : expositions, trips, etc.
• Access to information from Talents & Co. monitoring and sourcing.
• Telephone assistance for processing requests relating to the activity of Members
• Invitation to events organized by Talents & Co.

Even better : the cost of the subscription is deductible from the cost of the services provided by Talents&Co and described earlier.

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2015: Alain Trincal and Guillaume Courchay founded Talents & Co.

Alain Trincal, an architect by training, initially served as the Director of Development and later as the Deputy General Manager at Ateliers Jean Nouvel for 20 years. Guillaume Courchay, self-taught and eclectic, had a background as a music publisher and artist agent. Their unconventional meeting between the passion for architecture and the music publishing industry gave birth to Talents & Co. From the very beginning, architect and event manager Rodica Apostoiu joined them to embark on this adventure.

2019: Opening of the New York office under the leadership of Francisco Miranda.

Francisco Miranda, an urban planner and lawyer, contributes to the international exposure of Talents & Co’s clients by focusing on the American market.

2020: Elie Getz joins the team.

A graduate of École Normale and Panthéon-Assas, Elie is passionate about music and cinema. He strongly believes in the importance of supporting and advocating for architects and designers.

2022: Talents & Co welcomes two new partners.

Rodica Apostoiu becomes a partner and Chief Executive Officer, while Elie Getz becomes a partner and President of Talents & Co.

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